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Building mounted signs

Building mounted signs include lighted and non-lit channel letters, dimensional letters, wall or fascia signs, canopies and awnings, projecting signs, roof signs, parapet, marquees, sign band or tenant entrance signs, window signs and more.

Examples of channel letters are face-lit, back-lit, and open face. Most channel letters are LED illuminated, though neon lights also remain popular in some districts, like the Short North in Columbus. Digital printed faces that include perforation that changes colors from day to night or translucent solid or printed colors that allow light to show through.

Vehicle graphics are a powerful advertising tool, one of the lowest cost forms of advertising available, offering one of the highest recall rates.

There are two options for vehicle graphics. One printed vinyl, most commonly found on fully wrapped vehicles. The other is solid color cut vinyl.

The most notable and attention-getting vehicles on the road have bold imagery and color. It's one of the most cost effective, long term branding campaigns you're company can invest in.

Given the sheer volume of traffic, car wrap advertising offers the flexibility to be noticed wherever you go. Each service call, every delivery, every time you drive, you have the potential for thousands of new views to create more awareness of your company. If your company operates a fleet, every outing is a mobile branding opportunity with a wide reach.

According to the International Sign Association, the cost of vehicle wraps is often one of the lowest cost forms of advertising available and offers one of the highest recall rates.


Aside from the stats, the most important thing to Great Impressions Signs is a graphic that makes your company look good.

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Need a LOGO?
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Great Impressions will design a logo for your business or develop a branded look for your signage, including windows, walls and more. Need your logo re-created for large scale use? We may be able to help with that too. We'll also provide the files you need for other promotional materials like business cards, t-shirts and banners.





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